Re: Design decisions for GLib and GTK+ on Win32

C.J. Adams-Collier writes:
 > Do we have any means by which we can determine what our user base is for
 > each platform?

Yes. For GTK+ 2.8, which was the *previous* stable (in a source code
maintenance -sense) series, the user percentage on Win9x is zero. (As
I said, cairo doesn't work on Win9x, and nobody has bothered enough to
fix that, i.e. submit patches.)

Those who use GTK+ 2.6 on Win9x can continue to do so, without any
chance of bug fixes (from me at least), like they have for a year
(since 2.8.0 was released).

 > You've got my vote on all counts, Tor.  Let's clean up the codebase.

Thanks ;)


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