Re: about GTK+ text engine for Windows version

James Ray writes:
 > GTK+ implements text layout by using pango and renders text with
 > freetype, in Linux. I dont know if GTK+ for windows still uses
 > pango and freetype.

Pango yes, freetype no.

 > Owing to Uniscribe can do the same thing, do GTK+ for windows use
 > the APIs provided by the Uniscribe to lay out and display text?

Yes, Pango uses Uniscribe on Windows.

(The above holds for the Win32 backend of Pango. In addition, also the
Freetype backend can be built on Windows (and is included in the
"official" binary distribution). It does not Uniscribe. It has exactly
the same functionality as on Unix. The Freetype backend isn't used by
normal programs, though (not on Unix either), only by programs that
specifically code to use it, like GIMP for its text tool.)


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