Re: Reverting to non-async file chooser

On 8/17/06, Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> wrote:

Plan of action

1. Add assertions in GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS so that no async handles
   are outstanding when the file_system's finalizer gets run.  DONE.

2. Add assertions to GtkFileSystemUnix in a similar fashion.

3. Write a test suite for the async operations of GtkFileSystem,
   similar in spirit to gnome-vfs/test/test-async-cancel.c.  IN PROGRESS.

   [I think op_data is being leaked quite often in
   gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c, but haven't proved it yet.]

4. Run that test suite against GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS.

5. Run that test suite against GtkFileSystemUnix.

6. Fix gtkfilechooser*.c to handle the new semantics for async
   handles.  See the patches in these bugs:

7. Ensure that autotestfilechooser passes all tests.  This will take
   care of the big overwrite-confirmation bug:

8. ???

9. Profit!!!

I have done step 2


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