stdout output from colorselection

Hi all,

I realized that lately there have been some output to stdout when
selecting an item on the color selection's palette.

Looks like the culprit is palette_paint at gtkcolorsel.c:607,

// ....
625   set_focus_line_attributes (drawing_area, cr, &focus_width);
626   g_print ("%g %g %g %g\n",
627            focus_width / 2., focus_width / 2.,
628            (double)drawing_area->allocation.width - focus_width,
629            (double)drawing_area->allocation.height - focus_width);
// ...

Is that intentional ?

It's somewhat polluting the application's output. It will confuse users
of those applications that use g_set_print_handler to log output to a

Iago Rubio

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