Invert characters' rendering when text cursor is fat

I don't get no answer.
I strongly believe the patch itself is not so bad.
Could you give me ack?

I wrote:
> Could you review my patch and install it if you appreciate?
> I'm using following gtkrc to make the text cursor more strongly rendered:
>   style "default"
>   {
>      GtkWidget::cursor-aspect-ratio = 1.0
>   }
>   class "GtkWidget" style "default"
>   gtk-cursor-blink = 0
> However, this setting is not useful: the characters under the cursor
> is hidden by the fat cursor itself. The fat cursor may be one of general
> requirements from shortsighted users.
> With my patch in the bugzilla entry, the characters under the cursor is
> rendered with the color different from the cursor's color(like emacs).
> Regards,
> Masatake YAMATO

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