mac os x native port

Well i finally managed to build gtk-native on my MacOS 10.4 G5. The patch from Lillian made it compile but linking would fail. Building the recent cvs code worked though. Looks pretty good till now, thanx a lot Anders and everybody else who made this happen.

Well I think it's soon safe to talk about making gtk more mac-like (like the menu bar ;). Well the first thing i compiled for the native port was gtk-engines and tried the Panther theme from fink that I use with my gtk/X11 apps. It kinda works but the background is black. Any Ideas?

Further I'm thinking of trying to build a mac os x style framework bundle. In my opinion the nicest way to integrate the native gtk port into OS X is by providing a framework that you can ether install into the /Library/Frameworks directory or bundle with the app. Well I'm new to this so I wanted to ask if anybody knows anything about this stuff. Will we need to create a framework for all the packages like cairo, glb etc. or can that everything be bundled into one? Or what's the best way? Well at the end it would be really cool to provide a mac os x like installer and these normally don't install into /usr/ lib or any other directory used by the unix/X11 stuff. Just some ideas...

I definitely would like to help with the integration into OS X and will look into these topics. Can't wait to have some great gtk apps running (almost) like a normal mac app. I really like gtk but running it natively on mac os x was just missing. Thanx again!


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