Re: GtkAssistant API thoughts

Really new to this thread (and model), so if this is out-of-order, my
appologies, but...

> > - use a stack of visited pages as you do to implement "back". I don't think 
> >   there is a need to specify a custom back function, it should always go 
> >   to the previous page
> I can think of one instance where we needed a custom back.  In RP3
> (which was a modem configurator program) we had a page series that went:
> [ Search for modems? ] -> [ Search progress ] -> [ Results ]
>           ^-------------------------------------------/
> We would probably do that better now, but just giving a data point.

One could provide a "pop" function.  This way "Results", which knows
the way it was gotten to, can modify the path back.  Allowing any more
manipulation of the "stack" (than "pop") is probably overkill and
possibly dangerious.

Just a thought.

- Joseph Kowalski

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