Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

* Florian Boor <florian boor kernelconcepts de> schrieb:

> I'm working on the GPE project (, a software framework
> for mobile devices like PDAs) which is using GTK.
> Moving more features into GTK will make application development easier for us in
> a software environment of limited resources.

I'm a little bit confused that you - as an embedded developer - a in 
favour of bloating up gtk ...

> The only problem i can imagine is that GTK might become heavily bloated 
> and unusable on devices with limited resources. 

That's the major problem - not just for embedded devices. 
And therefore it simply shouln't be done. Separate things belong into
separate libraries - evryone who needs a certain functionality is free
to import the right libs for that. There's no need to put a whole
operating system into one library.

> So please keep in mind that there are other projects than Gnome 
> around using GTK which might run into trouble with the total size 
> and memory usage of GTK and the fact that some things might be to 
> heavy to belong to GTK.

You're absolutely right. 
If gtk wants to become something like Qt, and only interesting for
GNOME, just go on. Today, it's still an universal widget toolkit,
not limited to GNOME, and I don't see what's bad about it.

Gtk is already too fat, and the tendencies are not really good.

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