GLib Bug: IO Channel cannot work with files larger that 2GB

Hi all,

There seems to be a bug with the IO Channel functions in Glib version 2.8.4
for Windows. This bug prevents seeking in files greater than 2GB in size,
i.e. where a 64-bit file pointer would be required.

The following snip of code will work if 'file_channel' refers to a file of
less than 2GB in size, however for a larger file, say 8GB the call to
g_io_channel_seek_position() will fail and gerror will contain

GError *gerror = NULL;
gint64 seek_offset = -22;

if (g_io_channel_seek_position(file_channel, seek_offset, G_SEEK_END,
&gerror) != G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL)

Is this a known bug/issue or am I missing something?



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