Re: GtkNotebook signals

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 08:41 +0100, Jean Br�rt wrote:
> Le mardi 22 novembre 2005 �5:20 -0500, ANDREW PAPROCKI, BLOOMBERG/ 731
> LEXIN a �it :
> > Can someone fill me in if there is proper documentation for the signals on 
> > GtkNotebook? Specifically, these:
> > 
> > "change-current-page"
> > "focus-tab"
> > "select-page"
> > "switch-page"
> > 
> > If an application wishes to prevent the notebook from switching pages if some 
> > type of validation fails on the current existing page, is "select-page" the 
> > proper signal to use with a return of FALSE?

Since gtk+ is an object oriented toolkit (it is, right?), the proper way
(and way we have solved it here) is to create a subclass of GtkNotebook,
override the default switch-page handler, and only call down to the base
handler (that actually switches the page) if your validation allows the
switch. Otherwise, just return out of your new default handler.


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