Re: GLib 2.9.0 released

You guys are really avoiding the issue today.

Has ABI/API stability been abandoned for this release (which might as
well be called 3.0 and made a free-for-all, then)?

> It is a bit unfortunate, but there is not much we can do about it.

Hmm...  Why do none of these count?

1. Don't do the change.

2. Have g_unichar_break_type always return what it used to and make
   a new function with the extended and extensible interface.

> The problem is that Pango versions < 1.10.1 are not prepared for 
> this. 

Not entirely.  the problem is that Pango took the function signature
as asserted that the function followed it, modulo an off-by-one
bug.  In an ABI/API stable world that's not a terribly bad thing
to do.


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