Re: gtk_container_real_check_resize

В Птн, 18/11/2005 в 11:49 -0500, ANDREW PAPROCKI, BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEXIN
> A bit of code in this function is confusing me:
>   if (requisition.width > widget->allocation.width ||
>       requisition.height > widget->allocation.height)
>     {
>       if (GTK_IS_RESIZE_CONTAINER (container))
>         gtk_widget_size_allocate (GTK_WIDGET (container),
>                                   &GTK_WIDGET (container)->allocation);
>       else
>         gtk_widget_queue_resize (widget);
>     }
> I'm trying to understand the logic behind the GTK_IS_RESIZE_CONTAINER case. If 
> it is known that the requisition is greater than the allocation, why is the 
> widget allocated with insufficient space? Are container implementations supposed
>  to do something special to handle this case?
> Andrew Paprocki
> Bloomberg LP

Hi Andrew

Since this code is badly documented, you might want to look at annotated
CVS history on

Here is the change you are interested in:

And comment to it:

>  * gtk/gtkcontainer.c:
>         (gtk_container_real_check_resize): only requeue ourselves if we are not
>         a resize container.
>         (gtk_container_clear_resize_widgets): care for automatic deletion of our
>         resize_widgets list on size_allocate through a handler connection.

So it's an optimization. Not sure if it have sense still, it look _very_
old. But I suspect at least check_resize signal should be documented.

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