Re: Should gdk_rgb_get_visual()->depth be display's depth?

Hello again and thans a lot for beeing that patient with me ;-)

Sorry with bothering you with problems like that, its just that sich
insider GTK information is hard to find for a gtk-newbie and  to
argument I just need to be able to explain whats wrong.
Furthermore if I write "Owen Taylor said" everybody listens with respect ;-)

> gdk_rgb_get_visual() will never return a visual that the display doesn't
> claim to support. If the 770's X server is claiming to support 24 bit
> visuals but doesn't that's an X server bug.
> Still, I have a hard time believing that nobody would have noticed
> gdk_rgb_get_visual() yet, so I think you should recheck your results.

I contacted the Nokia developers and they responded (at least one of
them) that the behaviour is totally ok, in fact this is what they

"As you can successfully create 24bit pixmaps I think it's pretty safe to
say the server does in fact support 24bit pixmaps just fine.
The documentation for gdk_drawable_get_colormap() says:
There is no mention that NULL would be an error of any kind, there just
isn't a colormap (explicitly) set for the drawable."

So should I set a colormap for 24-bit modes? Is it valid that it
returns 24-bit although the device itself runs wit 16-bit. I think
this is at least terrible for performance since especially embedded
devices (like the 770) have underpowered grahpic processors.

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

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