Re: How to disable gtk-doc when building from CVS source

On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 01:48 -0700, Travis Spencer wrote:
> To build the latest version of gtk+, is gtk-doc mandatory?  I know
> that it can be turned off by passing the `--disable-gtk-doc' flag to
> the configure script, but getting to that point doesn't seem possible
> without gtk-doc.  Sure I can comment out the test for it in
>, but then I get other errors:
> ./ --disable-gtk-doc --prefix=/stash/tspencer/builds/gtk+-current
> Symlinking file po/

> automake-1.7: cannot open < gtk-doc.make: No such file or directory
>   at /stash/travissu/opt/autoconf/automake-1.7/bin/automake-1.7 line 7648

If you are using you will need gtk-doc installed, since it
uses m4 macros and the gtkdocize script from gtk-doc.

If you are just using ./configure to build the released tarballs, I
think it should work without gtk-doc installed.


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