Re: [Gimp-developer] Compiling a gimp plugin for Windows


Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:

> Currently some modules in GNOME CVS bump the micro version number
> right after a source release. Others bump right before a release. And
> some bump at a random time between releaes. This is IMHO confusing, as
> can be seen from this case.
> My idea is that the official policy would be to use both pre- and
> post-release bumps. Only in a release tarball would the micro version
> number be odd. As soon as the release has been done, the micro version
> number would be bumped. And then immediately before making the next
> release it would be bumped again. Then there would be no confusion. An
> odd micro number would always indicate an official source release, and
> an even micro number a CVS snapshot. Stuff built from CVS snapshots
> could use the version number from CVS at the time without risking
> being confised with the next official version.

in my opinion this would only make things even more confusing. A CVS
snapshot should be clearly labelled as such, not implicitely by the
micro version number being odd or even. What about using something
like for cvs snapshots?


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