Re: [Gimp-developer] Compiling a gimp plugin for Windows

Sven Neumann writes:
 > Having files with the 2.2.8 version floating around on is
 > IMO a very bad idea.

(Hmm, but that version number is floating around publicly in CVS ;-)

This is an excellent opportunity to bring up an idea I have tried to
suggest a few times without success:

Currently some modules in GNOME CVS bump the micro version number
right after a source release. Others bump right before a release. And
some bump at a random time between releaes. This is IMHO confusing, as
can be seen from this case.

My idea is that the official policy would be to use both pre- and
post-release bumps. Only in a release tarball would the micro version
number be odd. As soon as the release has been done, the micro version
number would be bumped. And then immediately before making the next
release it would be bumped again. Then there would be no confusion. An
odd micro number would always indicate an official source release, and
an even micro number a CVS snapshot. Stuff built from CVS snapshots
could use the version number from CVS at the time without risking
being confised with the next official version.


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