GDK framebuffer needed for the GTK debian installer

Hi everyone

i'm involved in debian development and i'm actually working on the gtk frontend for the debian-installer (the plans for post-sarge relase are to implement a graphic installation system based on gtk). Actually the gtk frontend module seems to work on a "X bench-test" (go to to see the last news).
Experimenting with the gtk i've come to the conclusion that
-X gdk is solid rock but, for many reasons, is too big to fit on a instalation cd -the directframebuffer gdk layer, though longly unmanteined, compiles and works but is still too buggy (gives serious memory corruption problems).
-the framebuffer gdk doesn't even compile
I'm posting to this mailing list to ask you if some future development of the fb/dfb gdk are planned, since this would be the most appropriate gdk layer for a gtk-based debian-installer.



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