GtkCalendar date beh

Hi all, 

sorry for posting here, but I think this is more related to GTK+
development, if not please let me know and I wil post to gtk-list.

I was looking at the pygtk bug report herebelow:

Briefly the date returned by the calendar is Y, M-1, D.

My first answer as you can read in the bug report was "it should work
like it work now", this also due to the fact that for instance the
method gtk_calendar_select_month will take a number between 0 and 11.

But now I'm not so sure anymore.... the "instinct" says that everybody
expect the month in a more uman readable way, 1 to 12.

Changing this behavouir will break a lot of stuff?
Maybe there is also a good reason that I cannot see right now.

Thanks for your answers.
Gian Mario Tagliaretti

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