misplaced menus on linux-fb (forgot the screnshot)

i am using gtk 2.6 on a patched linux-fb, so it runs on an ordianry framebuffer (in my case on OpenGL). most things work fine so far, but the popup menus a drawn "slighly" misplaced (see atatched screenshot). lets say the menu pops up at x,y then the primitives wich the popup is made of (lines, pixbufs, etc.) appear at 2*x, 2*y. this is the case for popup menus and the selection men�ombo-boxes, others
  i don't have tested yet. does have anybody an idea why this happens?

another thing (less important to me at the moment) is the blue background, sometimes it has the right color,
  sometimes it is blue, straaange.

thanks in regards


PNG image

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