Re: posible gtk+ gtk-2-6 string freeze break

mån 2005-03-07 klockan 16:37 +0100 skrev Martin Willemoes Hansen:
> Hello everybody!
> I noticed that there are two new fuzzy strings in gtk+ branch gtk-2-6,
> which is listed as part of Gnome 2.10.
> msgid "Not enough memory to composite a frame in GIF file"
> and
> msgid "Invalid XPM header"
> Is this a string freeze breakage or did I miss something?
> Happy hacking!

Technically, GTK+ is not part of GNOME, and GTK+ has its own release
schedule and freezes.
Although it would have been nice for GNOME translators to be warned from
GTK+ hackers about string additions and string changes when such happen.


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