Re: An attempt at Win32 build instructions

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
While in the progress of setting up a new development machine, I
thought I would try to do without Cygwin this time, as that seems to
be the way many others prefer...
About the instructions Owen posted in January:

but something is screwed up with CVS under msys.

Any more information about this? Is it too risky to use MSYS's cvs?

The "something that was screwed up" was pretty small ... just that
some of the contents of ~/.cvsrc were being ignored. I didn't
investigate a lot ... might have been a line-ending issue or something.

Certainly not risky, but a little annoying to have to keep typing
'cvs diff -dp' rather than 'cvs diff'.

BTW, I later did try using the standard zlib dll instead of the
gnuwin32 one, and it worked OK with the gnuwin32 libpng, but I had to
generate a new import library for it.


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