Re: encoding of type_name for e.g. g_register_type_static()

Owen Taylor wrote:
On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 16:25 +0100, Stefan Kost wrote:

Hi Owen,

that is a fair penality ;)

The question is where to put it.
1.) a new para in the longs desc.
2.) as part of the params docs repeated for g_type_register_{dynamic|fundamental|static}

Apart the same applies to g_param_specs and signal names.

Doesn't really matter. Long description sounds better to me,
and maybe a quick reference from the param docs. "The name must
follow the GLib rules for type names", or whatever.

The brings the old idea of integrating the gobject tutorial into the gobject docs ...
If the glib maintainers agree, I apply for a gnome cvs account and prepare that.
IMHO that would provide the most benefit to the docs.

In general, I think it's a good idea. I think we should just have one Docbook file for each library with all the tutorial and reference
material right together. That's how we're planning on doing the Cairo

Here is a proposal how I would merge

I   Concepts
    The Glib Dynamic Type System
      [was: GObject: what brings everything together]
II. API Reference
    GType - The GLib Runtime type identification and management system
    GTypePlugin - An interface for dynamically loadable types
    GTypeModule - Type loading modules
    GObject - The base object type
    Enums and Flags - Enumeration and flags types
    GBoxed - A mechanism to wrap opaque C structures registered by the type system
    Generic Values - A polymorphic type that can hold values of any other type
    Parameters and Values - Standard Parameter and Value Types
    Varargs Value Collection - Converting varargs to generic values
    GParamSpec - Metadata for parameter specifications
Signals - A means for customization of object behaviour and a general purpose notification mechanism
    Closures - Functions as first-class objects
    Value arrays - A container structure to maintain an array of generic values
III.Tools Reference
    glib-mkenums - C language enum description generation utility
    glib-genmarshal - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
    gobject-query - display a tree of types
IV. Tutorial
      [was: How To ?]
V.  Related Tools
      [was: GObject related tools]
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.2
Index of new symbols in 2.4
Index of new symbols in 2.6

I would drop chapter 7 and 8.
If that is generally okay, I'll apply for my gnome account and start with the work locally.


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