Re: gtk regression test suite

It would be nice if a regression suite allowed use of a high level
language to write the tests  for example python. I  know this adds a
extra layer on one hand but I think it makes it much easier to write
the larget number of test cases needed. Also object oriented methods
in python could make it easy to resuse existing code in  new tests.

Java has aspect/contract oriented programming I think python almost
has the abilitiy by default it a useful methodolgy for testing.


On 6/13/05, Jon Dowland <lists alcopop org> wrote:
> I've been working on a small patch for GTK+ which changes a
> GtkScrolledWindow property to be a style property (or GtkSetting)[1].
> This has been both to `scratch an itch' and to begin learning my way
> around GTK+ with a view to future hacking.
> There have been two noteable problems so far that I have been able to
> diagnose with the help of test cases (one of which is in bugzilla[2],
> the rest are pending addition).
> Constructing these test cases led me to look at the current GTK testing
> framework. I see ./tests/ underneath the source tree, which looks to me
> like these are tests to run on an ad-hoc basis to determine whether
> things look correct visually.  None of these appear to be regression
> tests, i.e. non-interactive with a pass/fail return value. The GTK+
> manual describes the gtk-demo program, which looks like it is used by
> end-users to test that they've built GTK+ correctly.  (please enlighten
> me if I'm mis-representing these).
> I was wondering if there was any interest amongst the GTK+ hackers to
> investigate creating a regression test suite. I think API changes and
> not-API-changes-but-similar (like [1]) could be caught with such a
> framework. I'm not experienced enough with the GTK+ internals to know
> how appropriate a non-interactive suite would be for the rest of the
> toolkit, but an interactive one (e.g. `click ok if the scrollbar is on
> the left, cancel otherwise') is also feasible.
> [1]
> [2]
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