Re: gtk regression test suite

On Jun 13, 2005, at 4:48 AM, Jon Dowland wrote:

I've been working on a small patch for GTK+ which changes a
GtkScrolledWindow property to be a style property (or GtkSetting)[1].
This has been both to `scratch an itch' and to begin learning my way
around GTK+ with a view to future hacking.

This is likely to break code that expects that property to be an object property. You never know who is using these things. Would it be reasonable to have the object property be a proxy for the style proxy, to retain compatibility?

I was wondering if there was any interest amongst the GTK+ hackers to
investigate creating a regression test suite. I think API changes and
not-API-changes-but-similar (like [1]) could be caught with such a

The perl bindings[1] have an extensive API regression test suite[2]. This suite uses the standard perl test framework with some Gtk2- related enhancements (auto-init of gtk+, and some helpers to make deferred tests cleaner), and exists mainly to verify that we call the bound APIs correctly. That is, we test the validity of the bindings, not the correctness of the bound API itself.

That said, we have, with our test suite, found quite a handful of bugs in gtk+ itself (memory leaks, missed assertions, corner-case crashes, and even functionality regressions).

So, i can vouch for the usefulness of an automated suite, and point to an example of how we set one up.

The basic trick is to know what things require a main loop in order to function correctly. Some things just can't be tested simply. For example, drag'n'drop, or just about anything to do with user input, will require help from something that plays back events (at least two such projects exist, one in gnome cvs, iirc). Other things can be very easily tricked; for every release of gtk+, we have to repair our tests for GtkFileChooser, because the behavior changes slightly under the hood (this file used to be selected immediately, but now is selected after an idle, etc).


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