Re: GNOME 2.11/2.12 targeting GTK+ 2.8 (ie cairo based)

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 19:00 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:

> - To be realistic, if GNOME-2.12 is released after GTK+-2.8, 
>   most distributors are going to ship using them together.
>   So, the release team could decide to go with 2.6 even with 
>   the current GTK+ schedule, but the result then would be less
>   testing of what people actually ship.

	Yeah, and that would significantly undermine the whole release process
IMHO. If the value of having GNOME releases is to have the very latest
GNOME technologies released as a stable, coherent and integrated set,
then by creating a situation where distributors go off for themselves
and figure out what *really* is the latest stable set of GNOME
technologies, we really reduce the relevance of GNOME releases.

> - For new APIs to be done well, we need language binding 
>   author attention. If we decided to slip out the GTK+ schedule
>   a month or two and add more features, I'm not sure that those
>   features would get sufficient language binding author attention.

	That brings up another question ... what are language binding authors
going to do if GNOME 2.12 targets GTK+ 2.6? What would probably make the
most sense for them would be to make releases which target the GTK+ 2.8
APIs and let GNOME ship the older releases. Which would make the
situation even more bizarre.


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