Re: GtkPerf [was: gtk performance testing]

On 2005-07-19, Kaj Gr?holm <kaj gronholm nomovok com> wrote:
> I'm the developer of GtkPerf ( and just realized
> (thanks Clemens!) that you guys have been talking about GTK+
> performance few weeks ago and used also GtkPerf!
> So, I still understand that benchmarking tools such as this only suit
> to some high-level testing and collecting numbers in specific
> environments. But I would like to get some insider information from
> you how GtkPerf could better test the speed user experiences with GTK+
> applications? And also offer my (work-limited) help on tuning GtkPerf
> in the direction which could help more the actual GTK+ development.
> Any ideas?

Did you have it work with oprofile automatically? That will be cool:

    reset oprofile state
    start oprofile before every test
    stop the oprofile after the test
    show the oprofile report or save it to a file linked to the test performed

oprofile is Linux only.

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