Re: GtkPerf [was: gtk performance testing]


> So, I still understand that benchmarking tools such as this only suit to some
> high-level testing and collecting numbers in specific environments. But I would
> like to get some insider information from you how GtkPerf could better test the
> speed user experiences with GTK+ applications? And also offer my (work-limited)
> help on tuning GtkPerf in the direction which could help more the actual GTK+
> development. Any ideas?

   Recently I tried GtkPerf but then didn't use it for my performance
analysis because of two reasons:

1. GtkPerf wasn't generic enough: I couldn't just tell it a name of
any widget and tell it to analyze it for me
2. I wanted/needed a programmer's tool (e.g a library) 

   So instead of using GtkPerf, i wrote my own testing code based on
Owen's suggestions and used that instead. I haven't librarified it
(yet) and you can have a look at it here if you want to:


Zeeshan Ali

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