gtk_file_selection_get_filename_utf8 not found

i've wrote a text editor and i didn't find time to
maintain it.
i've got these email

Dear Sir,
thank you for developing medit software.
I compiled it and built it using Microsoft Visual C++
6.0. It worked, but I am not able to run the
It keeps telling me, that it cannot find
gtk_file_selection_get_filename_utf8 in
libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll. I
wonder if I have the right version of gtk, I use
and I think, this is the newest one. Do you have an
idea, how
to solve the problem?

Best Regards,
Volker Hannemann

the site of the text editor

i didn't try to port it to windows so i cann't know
exactly what is the problem, any one can figure it

yours Maslan

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