Re: Fwd: [directfb-dev] Re: Gtk 2.7.0 supported - works

Dnia 07-07-2005, czw o godzinie 10:56 -0400, Mike Emmel napisał:
> I can and will but I used to get errors here Korkut is getting compile errors.
> If I don't implement the stub nothing "bad" happens till runtime.
> There probably are many of these umimplemenetd functions and as of now I get no 
> errors. Basically I need a stub but I'm getting no compile time
> warning or error that the stub is missing.

Sorry to butt in, but is your ISP charging you per-comma in email or


Being really good at C++ is like being really good at using rocks to
sharpen sticks. (Thant Tessman)
Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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