a sequence to edit a text view...

 I'm a begginer in GTK and I use glade to create a interface... but I
need to edit a text view. I set it editable but not happen... I think
is that a correct sequence...
 A part of code:

  char result[150];
  int position;
  GtkWidget      *tb_result,
  top_level = gtk_widget_get_toplevel( GTK_WIDGET( tb_result ) );
  tb_result = lookup_widget( top_level, "tb_result" );
  gtk_editable_set_editable( GTK_EDITABLE( tb_result ), TRUE );

  position = gtk_editable_get_position( GTK_EDITABLE( tb_result ) );
  gtk_editable_insert_text( GTK_EDITABLE( tb_result )
                          , result
                          , strlen( result )
                          , position );

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