Re: canvas notes

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> So random thoughts.

A few more random thoughts:

- Ability for one canvas to view more than one model at the same time
  is useful so that you can have eg., the coordinate axes and the
  graph be separate models for a graphing display.

- Zooming is more than just setting a transformation matrix because
  the reason you want to zoom is to see more details. So somehow a
  model needs to be aware of how much detail should be drawn.

- Collision detection is worth at least thinking about, or you'll end
  up with even more O(n^2) algorithms ...

- Make sure the entire scene isn't redrawn every time something
  changes. Also make sure the entire scene isn't *traversed* every
  time something changes.

- The ability to have translucent 'windows' with a fixed position on
  the screen. This could be tricky to do while having both good-looking and
  efficient scrolling. A local compositing manager might be useful for
  this. How will this work on Windows?


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