Re: GtkFileChooser extensions

On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 17:47 -0400, Alex Graveley wrote:

> - Searching for "pictures from naples" should show me photos and maybe
> their categories, not just the meaningless name my camera gave it.

A custom display would take care of that.

> - Searching for "joe email" should be able to show me attachments joe
> has sent me in email that I haven't saved anywhere yet.  It may also
> display the title of the email it was sent in.

Hmmmm, unless you can get to the attachment via a URI, I think this is
outside the scope of the file chooser.

Oh, one thing that I didn't mention in the spec is how extensions can
know if the file chooser is showing only files or also URIs.  I don't
think you can get that information right now.

The spec draft mentions exposing GtkFilePath to extensions, which makes
me very uncomfortable.  GtkFilePaths only make sense in the context of a
particular implementation of GtkFileSystem.  This in turn has methods to
convert to/from URIs and filenames, so perhaps extensions should just
see URIs instead of abstract GtkFilePaths.

> - Searching for "polymorphic type system" should be able to show me the
> pdf document I browsed online, but which either doesn't exist on the
> filesystem or has been automatically put in some temp directory.

Only if the file chooser is configured to show URIs.


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