Re: GObject Serialization

Le jeu 28/10/2004 à 21:33, Zeeshan Ali a écrit :

> 1. To add serialization/deserialization methods into GObject class
> itself, which would implement the non-introspective way. All the other
> objects can then over-ride those methods to implement a better
> Serialization. The problem with this way is that you are forcing
> Serialization on everyone without providing a good default
> implementation for it.
> 2. To do it the Java way: have an interface named 'GSerializable' or
> 'GSerializableObject' in the gobject core, which can be implemented by
> anyone who wants his object to support Serialization.

Could there be a way for the method/interface to be "blocked" for
children ? Because just inheriting its parent's way of serializing would
very often be wrong for a GObject.


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