Re: binding gtk_tree_view_[sg]et_row_separator_func

> gtk_tree_view_get_row_separator_func() allows you to fetch the current
> separator function pointer.
> so, the question for gtk-devel is, is this something you expect to be
> available to a language binding?  is it going to be a common thing to
> want to restore the old separator func, or can i just not bind the
> accessor?

In gtkmm we just don't wrap this. In an object-orientated language (and I
think that includes GTK+-style C), a function pointer without any instance
data is useless, so I'd be surprised if this is even used in C
applications. Also, the other set_func() functions in GTK+ don't have
matching get() functions.

I think it's fine to expect the application to know what callback it has
chosen to use.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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