binding gtk_tree_view_[sg]et_row_separator_func

gtk_tree_view_get_row_separator_func() allows you to fetch the current separator function pointer. i'm presuming the use case for this would be something like

    old = get current func
    set new func
    do some stuff
    restore old func

in a language bindings setting (gtk2-perl, in this case), the language binding will always use the same C function, and will pass the actual language-specific callback function context through the user-data. quite properly, gtk_tree_view_set_row_separator_func() allows you to specify a GDestroyNotify callback to clean this up. however, the ability to fetch the current callback makes this somewhat problematic.

when you get the function pointer back, you don't get the user data. i can compare the function pointer with my binding-level marshaler to see that this is my function, but i will have to store the callback context someplace else to get the actual perl function to return to the caller. if the function is *not* a perl function, i'm stuck, because there is no generic scheme for handling C functions pointers in a non-C language. i can come up with some binding magic to determine the difference between a C pointer as a integer value and a perl code reference, but this is unsafe and i don't like doing it.

so, the question for gtk-devel is, is this something you expect to be available to a language binding? is it going to be a common thing to want to restore the old separator func, or can i just not bind the accessor?

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