Re: changing usize in ::size-request (bug #155139)

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Crispin Flowerday wrote:

Tim Janik <timj <at>> writes:
that is, in the label's ::size-request handler tab_label_size_request_cb()
(at which point the label itself has already been size requested), the
testcase unconditionally sets the label's usize. that in turn queues a
new resize on the label.


As the reporter of the relevant bug, I have a couple of comments/questions:

Except that it isn't the "label's ::size-request handler", its all happening
inside the window's size-request handler, does that change anything ?

oh, thanks. that escaped me. and no, it doesn't really change anything
since your particular case is already being taken care of and the more
general problem of not allowing queue_resize() during ::size-request on
the same widget rmains for either signal connection setup.

however, due to the handling of the ::size-request signal inside
gtk, this request is later forgotten about (gtksizegroup.c):

From this explanation (which I admit I only partially understand) it sounds like
all that is being dropped is the second size_request, so I fail to understand
why the actual tab fails to appear.

fortunately, matthias posted the details on this.

Anyway, thanks for fixing this so promptly, future releases of Galeon don't rely
on this behaviour anyway.



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