Re: changing usize in ::size-request (bug #155139)

Tim Janik <timj <at>> writes:
> that is, in the label's ::size-request handler tab_label_size_request_cb()
> (at which point the label itself has already been size requested), the
> testcase unconditionally sets the label's usize. that in turn queues a
> new resize on the label.


As the reporter of the relevant bug, I have a couple of comments/questions:

Except that it isn't the "label's ::size-request handler", its all happening
inside the window's size-request handler, does that change anything ?

> however, due to the handling of the ::size-request signal inside
> gtk, this request is later forgotten about (gtksizegroup.c):

>From this explanation (which I admit I only partially understand) it sounds like
all that is being dropped is the second size_request, so I fail to understand
why the actual tab fails to appear.

Anyway, thanks for fixing this so promptly, future releases of Galeon don't rely
on this behaviour anyway.


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