Re: Menu blinking animation

> Here's a small patch to add menu blinking to GTK+.

Ooh. Cool.

>  It's modified off a
> patch Anders did a while ago.  I'd like to get something like it into
> GTK+-2.6, but before I do so, I had a couple of questions before
> spending more time on it.
>  * Is this the effect we want?  I really like having feedback when
>    activating a menu item,

Will this also show and flash the menu item when I use the keyboard
shortcut? That's what the Mac does, or used to do. I found that it really
helped me to remember keyboard shortcuts, and to know that the action had
actually happened.

> so we should put something there.  It's not
>    super flashy though, perhaps someone can come up with something
>    better?
>  * There's a small delay between selecting the item and the activation.
>    It's not a really long delay (150ms currently), but it is a little
>    obnoxious to have to wait for the thing you activate to actually
>    happen.
> There are also a few minor issues with the patch which I'll look at.
> First, it should be made time based like other such effects.  This is
> less important than other animations as it's so short, but it would
> still be nice.  Second, it probably shouldn't delay the activation if
> the menu isn't actually popped up, as is the case when the accessibility
> framework is on.  Finally, we need a style-property for the duration of
> the effect, with the caveats that Matthias brought up at:

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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