Re: Menu blinking animation

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

Here's a small patch to add menu blinking to GTK+.  It's modified off a
patch Anders did a while ago.  I'd like to get something like it into
GTK+-2.6, but before I do so, I had a couple of questions before
spending more time on it.

* Is this the effect we want?  I really like having feedback when
  activating a menu item, so we should put something there.  It's not
  super flashy though, perhaps someone can come up with something

* There's a small delay between selecting the item and the activation.
  It's not a really long delay (150ms currently), but it is a little
  obnoxious to have to wait for the thing you activate to actually

urg. can this be disabled on a per menu-item, per menu or per menu-bar
basis? i'm not sure how much other applications feel affected by this,
but at least part of the beast GUI should behave as good to realtime
behaviour as possible. and for controlling some sound events, 150ms
of extra latency is simply too long, so we at least need to be able to
turn off the additional delay for those menu items that control timing
critical functions.



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