Re: glade project mini-rfc

Xavier Bestel <xavier bestel free fr> writes:

> Le lun 04/10/2004 à 16:23, Tristan Van Berkom a écrit :
>> Gob is a kind of way to get around wiritng you boiler plate code to
>> generate actual object oriented code. In glade we are only
>> concerned with some aspects of the external API of an object
>> (g_object_new(), get_property(), set_property(), add_child() ...)
>> and how to represent an object heirarchy or "widget layout" so that
>> it can later be interpreted by libglade.
>> Actualy, in some cases the xml will define properties that are only
>> needed for the glade environment and are never needed in real life
>> (example, GtkBox gets a "size" property so that it can be filled
>> with "size" placeholders that serve as "click" areas for the user
>> to add new widgets).
> Yes, and I thought the "boiler plate xml" could be generated from
> the .gob too, maybe just to be modified by hand of through additions
> to Gob.

The idea of generating widget metadata from Gob code seems like a hack
at best.  At worst, it seems utterly useless given the fact that GTK+
doesn't even use Gob, and neither do most third-party widget authors.

Gob is essentially C code with GObject sugar.  It seems a GObject
binding for Ruby or Python would be a better choice.  Not that I'm
proposing any such thing.

Just my $0.02, I guess.

Daniel Brockman
drlion deepwood net

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