Re: GTK+ team irc meeting

GTK+ a11y bugs

155751 nor Nor UNCO gtk+ GtkFileS Typeahead/keynav comments  keynav,

Probably should talk to Calum about this one.

Les Anciennes, "High Impact"

70986 nor Nor NEW gtk+ GtkTextV Beep when moving off buffer in text
widgets?  accessibility 

Would be *very* nice to add this featurelet to GtkTextView, etc. RFE,
but >2 years old.

111031 nor Nor NEW gtk+ GtkTextV Unable to determine what character is
at a point  accessibility 

Important feature, we have to hack our way to approximating it at the
moment, which makes many ATK implementations more-or-less broken.  >18
months old...

62948 nor Nor NEW gtk+ input-me Uncommitted text not committed on
mnemonic activation  keynav 
Owen filed this bug with a suggestion for fix, >3 years ago.

89336 maj Hig REOP gtk+ menu Keynav issue in menubar  accessibility,
keynav, usability 

Over two years old, has been repeatedly marked a "stopper" for
accessibility.  This is also a point of significant departure from
Windoze behavior for us.



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