GTK+ team irc meeting

It seems I failed to send this out on Friday...

The meeting is intended for the GTK+ team, but everybody is 
welcome to come and listen. The meeting logs will be posted 
on the GTK+ website (

 Time: 21:00 UTC (16:00 EST), Monday November 29

Possible agenda items:
- 2.6 mustfix bugs
- old bugs. To get this started, I have nominated the "class of 99", 
5 bugs that have miraculously survived since 99:

1165 Handle late setting of adjustments in scrollable widgets  
1529 gtk-config --libs dont report -R<libdir>  
1579 Setting Gtk widget insensitive can lock GUI  
2250 cannot build gtk from readonly srcdir  
3355 should be able to provide a buffer for GtkEntry


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