Re: GdkPangoRenderer

On 20.11.2004 22:56, Owen Taylor wrote:
The main remaining issue for getting the GTK+ changes into CVS is Win32
support. Possible steps in that direction:

 - Simply implement drawable.draw_glyphs_transformed by calling
   drawable.draw_glyphs. That would at least keep what works currently
   working, but rotated text wouldn't work. Approximate time - 10 minutes.

 - Implement support in PangoWin32Font for loading fonts with transformation
   matrices and implement pango_win32_render_transformed(). This is
   sufficient to get rotated text working. Approximate time - 2-3 hours(?)

Although I think your scheduling is overly optimistic I can try to get this into cvs today.

 - Implement a PangoWin32Renderer. Not really needed for GDK, but would
   clean up duplicated code and provide some new capabilities.
   Approximate time - 2-3 hours(???)

Not that it is a precondition for me working at this, but it would be
nice to get the capabilities described in
(bitmap rendering and font outlines) into the pango renderer as well;
and not only for the FT2 case ...

 - Implement drawable.draw_trapezoids using GDI (and/or GDI+) rather than
   the fallback code to improve efficiency and get tiles/stipples working.
   Approximate time - unknown. Note the saturated-add-then-composite
   semantic of draw_trapezoids, which is needed to prevent seams.

Attached are ChangeLog, header file snippets for new API, and the entire
patch (compressed). The patch includes docs and testgtk and gtk-demo

For me it would be much more convenient to work from cvs. Also a broken
gtk/win32 build shouldn't be a new experience ;-)


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