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Seg, 2004-11-15 às 11:53 +0000, Bill Haneman escreveu:
> Hi:
> Regarding gnome-canvas vs foo-canvas vs TBD-cairo-based thing: there's
> some accessibility/ATK support in gnome-canvas, which is important. 
> There isn't any, AFAIK, in alternatives.
> Any thought of deprecating/replacing gnome-canvas needs to consider this
> fact.  I also think there are problems with cairo since when I last
> looked, it failed to have a nice-enough object-encapsulation API to make
> ATK support feasible; that is, my impression was that cairo tended to
> encourage unstructured drawing too much.
> In order to make ATK support for canvas widgets possible, the widget
> needs to support the notion of drawing objects at a fairly high level of
> granularity, i.e. not at the level of drawing primitives.

  I never said Cairo was a gnome-canvas replacement.  What I said is
that we should build a canvas widget on top of Cairo.  Cairo is
"immediate mode" drawing, while gnome-canvas is "retained mode" (if I
recall the correct terminology..).  Maybe it is technically possible to
port gnome-canvas to Cairo in a API compatible way, at least for
applications that don't make their own canvas items.  But if people
complain about the current API, then it is probably not going to happen.

  Also Cairo is nowhere near API stable.  I think Cairo API stability
and gtk+ integration is scheduled for gtk+ 2.8, so we have to wait a
long time before considering to use any of this.

> regards
> Bill
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