Re: Adding full introspection information (#139486)

Dnia 04-11-2004, czw o godzinie 22:12 +0000, Mike Hearn napisał:
> > 1) Primary goal is to bring any language we have bindings to on par with
> > C. This means that for any given language there should eventually exist
> > exactly one bindings set, for GObject, and nothing else. 
> That's not necessarily a good thing, custom hand-tuned APIs will usually
> be higher quality than automatically generated bindings.

That's the core issue here, "custom hand-tuned". Meaning you can't use
gnome-vfs from your $favorite_lang unless someone writes that custom,
hand-tuned code, or at least autogenerates something from .defs. Generic
bindings, on the other hand, mean you're free to use any GObject code
the very moment it's been written -- that's not merely matter of getting
bindings faster, it's whole new quality, changing the way we write
cross-language code.

And as for hand-tuning, typelib is definitely going to have some sort of
custom attributes, so you can add in there whatever was earlier done by

> On the other hand, some bindings are clearly better than no bindings which
> is the most common situation right now for libraries so it makes sense to
> allow both systems to co-exist in parallel :)

Yeah, co-existence, but only as long as we don't have everyone
converted :). All custom code should eventually find its way into
typelib as additional info incorporated for bindings sake


"Tautologizm to coś tautologicznego"
   Maciej Katafiasz <mnews2 wp pl>

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