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On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 17:19, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Is there a chance that this could be folded into the Glib reference
> docs?  The license for those is in glib/docs/reference/COPYING.  I'm not
> sure if it is the FDL or not.
> At least one other person is working on GObject documentation; look for
> Ryan McDougall's mails in the gtk-devel-list archive.  Maybe it would be
> good to merge these two manuals together, and stick them into the Glib
> docs?

If someone volunteers to do the integration work or gives me step by
step instructions on where I am supposed to put this and how to do it, I
am willing to follow the glib licence for the sake of uniformity and to
minimize legal hassles for everyone.

The time I invest in maintaining this documentation is very small and
likely to stay small: nowadays, I merely review, integrate and sometimes
redo patches sent to me about once every 3 months (at best).

Mathieu Lacage <mathieu gnu org>

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