Re: Enforcing response codes in GtkFileChooserDialog

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 20:23, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> I'm thinking that response_cb() should enforce having such a button.
> What do people think of having something like this in it:
>   if (!has_one_of_those_buttons (dialog))
>     g_warning ("GtkFileChooserDialog expects to have at least one "
>                "button with a response code of GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT, "
>                "GTK_RESPONSE_OK, GTK_RESPONSE_YES, or "
>                "GTK_RESPONSE_APPLY.  Please use one of these response "
>                "codes rather than a custom one.");
> I updated the reference docs to note this quirk.

Well, if you put this warning in, you have to put it in *when*
the dialog looks for the buttons, not on creation/map/whatever,
since people could change the button set after creation.

But my concern about doing this is that apparently some language
bindings don't export the ability to set response codes and just
make up response codes for the users... it is sort of possible
to get things right with all custom response codes, right? though
it requires extra code...

I guess the question is whether the authors of such language bindings
 - To make their users have to write code that all other 
   GtkFileChooserDialog users get for free.
 - To have to do a new release, possibly with API changes, to
   redo how they handle buttons on the filechooser.

(We could in GTK+ add gtk_file_chooser_dialog_set_accept_response
or something, but that would be a 2.6 addition, and I'm not
sure it really helps such language bindings)


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