Re: Glib

Bob Rossi writes:
 > I think part of the problem is pkg-config. I do not think that
 > should be necessary to have in order to build a minimal Glib. Why
 > is it necessary?

Well, if you are prepared to dig into the configuration/
stuff to build a "minimal" GLib, surely ripping out the pkg-config
dependency should be trivial? AFAICS, it's just a dozen lines in

 > I understand. I do think that Glib is not completly portable though. For
 > instance, I couldn't get pkg-config to compile "out of the box" on my
 > Cygwin machine.

Did you intend to build pkg-config for Cygwin's Unix emulation
environment, of for native Windows (just using Cygwin to host the
shell, compiler etc)? What problems did you encounter?

Be aware that the glib version included in pkg-config sources is
1.2.8, which was not necessarily ported to Cygwin. Certainly its port
to Win32 was very much a work in progress at that time, for instance
it didn't use the Makefile.ams, but separate manually-written
makefiles, for MSVC no less. (That's why when building pkg-config for
Win32, it doesn't attempt to use the included glib-1.2.8, but requires
an installed GLib 2.x on the machine.)


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