Re: passive grabs on Win32

Hi gdk-devel,  just FYI:

I implemented gdk_button_grab under win32.
Modified files:
/gdk/src/gdk: gdk.def gdk.h 
/gdk/src/gdk/win32: gdkevents-win32.c gdkprivate-win32.h  gdkwindow-win32.c 

It can be accessed via

 This version of XGrabButton is simplified one:
  - modifiers not checked (be done  asap)
  - confine_to not used
  - cursor not used (be done asap)
  - keyboard_mode,pointer_mode - asyncronous
 - GDK_SCROLL - "automatically grabbed"

Regards. Valeriy

> Hello gdk-devel,
> we are using gdk-win32 (modified 1.3.0) in our project:
> We need passive button grabbing, like XGrabButton.
> Unfortunately gdk doesn't have "gdk_button_grab" function.
> - why gdk_button_grab is missing?
> -  how to implement it? what would you recommend?
> Thanks. Regards. valeriy

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