Re: FileChooser's path bar and re-rooting

On Tuesday, March 16, 2004, at 01:39 AM, Ryan McDougall wrote:

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 00:54 -0500, muppet wrote:
But in a user's home on a local filesystem, it *does* make sense to have the "leading noise" there, because that information is >> important.

I think that was the point of Seth's future design. What you hide with a "<" button, he hides in the "shortcuts" bar and calls "context". I think you you propose is isomorphic to what he proposes.

In the grand scheme they may be the same, but by breaking the invariant that the pathbar always holds the *path*, the spirit is lost.

Aside from that... the simple fact is that gtk+ 2.4.0 is about to ship. If the grand future design is not ready, the interim design needs to work, and as it is in CVS, it is broken. A simple fix for this is to back out the rerooting change until the system works correctly (which may be 2.4.x, since, from what i understand, it shouldn't require any API changes).

I personally am not very stupid, but I like the UI changes made in the chooser and else where.

For the record i may be pretty dumb, but i do in fact like very much everything about the new FileChooser except the rerooting issue.

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